SNSD Taeyeon, Yoona & Seohyun at Mr. GO Premiere

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SNSD Hyoyeon & Yuri at Mnet Dancing 9 Press Conference

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SNSD Hyoyeon Pictures from First Look Magazine

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SNSD Yoona Innisfree Jeju Island Tour Pictures

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Girls Generation Pictures from SONE NOTE

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SNSD True Move H Official Pictures

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SNSD Sunny to Sing ‘Second Drawer’ for ‘The Queen’s Classroom’ OST

  Girls’ Generation’s Sunny will be releasing a new OST track, entitled “Second Drawer”, for MBC’s Wednesday/Thursday drama, “The Queen’s Classroom”. The series centers around the conflicts and struggles between sixth grade female… Continue reading

Girls’ Generation World Tour – Girls & Peace Concert Pictures

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Girls’ Generation Official Website Pictures

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SNSD Jessica Thanks to SONE for Winning The Popular Star Awards

  고마워여 소원^^ 오늘 저는 너무 특별한 상을 받게 되었어요~ 무려8천표가 넘었다니..대다나다 진짜 여러분께 박쑤우우우우!!!!!! 우리 빨리 콘서트에서 만나요~ 안녕안녕   Thank you SONE^^ Today I was given a very special award~ Actually… Continue reading